Travel Office and Forecourt Update

📌Update Our Travel Shop on West Street, Alford continues to be closed to the public following the recent Government COVID-19 announcement. The Travel Office will be on reduced opening during this time. Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am – 5pm. If you need to contact the team, please email or call 01507 463000. Alternatively visit our website which will have updates on the latest information, advice and guidance.

Our Forecourt (West End Filling Station), Station Rd, Alford will be re-open from 18/04/20. It will be on reduced opening during this time. Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am – 5pm. We have taken measures to protect our employees and customers. We request that you respect social distancing when visiting.

Hunts Coaches wish you well and hope that you keep well and as happy as possible, during this extraordinary situation.

Public Transport Information

📌Update COVID-19 Bus and train operators across Lincolnshire are operating reduced services on some lines.

If your journey is essential and you must use public transport, please check before you travel and practise social distancing during your journey.

Hunts Coaches Public Bus Services are currently not operating. If you are a Key Worker requiring urgent transport on one of our timetabled routes please contact us. We will update this section with information on when they will be restored.

For information on CallConnect Services and other public bus services please visit

The issuing of ENCTS bus passes is currently significantly delayed in Lincolnshire, however you can still apply for a bus pass. Your bus pass will be posted out to you when normal service is safe to resume. Visit for more information.

Lincolnshire bus operators have agreed an amnesty allowing out of date concessionary bus passes to be used for a period of 3 months. For all urgent queries please email:

Hunts Coaches Temporary Site Closures

📌Update –This COVID–19 crisis is new to us all and we are working hard to ensure that all our decisions and actions are focused on looking after our customers, our staff, and our suppliers. This has led to the decision to close all our sites by the end of this week. Our Depot will close today and Travel Office on Friday. We intend to re-open on Thursday 16 April 2020. Customers with bookings that have been cancelled due to this crisis have been informed. Should further cancellations be required customers will be contacted when we return to the travel office.

We are extremely grateful to have such a wonderful team that are clearly highly regarded by everyone as we have received messages of support and best wished for which we are thankful.

This is our 90th year in business and we are looking ahead to brighter times with many tours available for later in the year and into 2021. Although we have minimal staff available at this time our website is still active If you have an emergency, we will try to help 01507 463000.

Most importantly, stay safe! This is a challenging time for everyone, so whether you are a holiday, excursion, coach hire customer or one of our many bus passengers, let’s keep being understanding and supportive of each other and do what we can to help.

Thanks for your continued support and help. We look forward to taking you to the wonderful places in our United Kingdom and further, supporting all those businesses who will need it when we come through this.

📌Update – Our Travel Shop on West Street, Alford is closed to the public until further notice following the recent Government announcement. If you need to contact us please email or call 01507 463000. Our website is available too

We have also taken the decision to *close* the forecourt (West End Filling Station, Station Road, Alford) for the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately, because of it’s size, we felt there was no way to follow the social distancing advice within the store. Fuel will be made available in emergencies to key workers. Contact us to arrange this.

Hunts Coaches wish you well and hope that you keep well and as happy as possible, during this extraordinary situation.